4 day family bike ride with 8 and 10 year

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Re: 4 day family bike ride with 8 and 10 year

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The tarka trail is a lovely choice and me and my kids have done various parts of the Devon C2C as we live nearby. I don’t know enough about uk long distance trails with kids so I’m offering a couple of French options (there are many).

Loire valley or the Nantes Brest canal would be my votes. Take the car over leave at a hotel car park en route (with the places agreement) and get the train to your start point and cycle back. We did Nantes Brest when ours were 8 and 10 from Redon to Carhaix using the Plymouth ferry and did one way by train then cycled back. We also did the Zuider zee but the weather was tougher.

Loire is maybe better for kids than Nantes Brest as it’s less rural and there’s more to see, it is more on road but very quiet roads and for a short trip you can carefully select the section you’re going to do-I’ve never had the chance to do it with my kids as covid intervened with our 2020 plans and they’re now old enough to resist cycle trips! I’ve done enough sections myself though and can see it would be a good choice,
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Re: 4 day family bike ride with 8 and 10 year

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Pinhead wrote: 9 Mar 2024, 11:16am On a personal note I would never take my young sons on a public road that has no cycleways

Single dada if three
On a personal note, I took my sons frequently on public roads without cycleways.

Dad of three.
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