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Book review

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My wife ,Maureen,has had many health problems in recent times and used to be a keen reader.An old friend,whose sister has written a book recommended "A Mothers Love" by Hazel Eggleton.Maureen could not put it down and is now back into her books,thankyou Hazel.
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Re: Book review

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Book an eye test for her if not done recently.As one ages as early as 40 the lens start clouding.This can affect night driving and reading.The print is is blurred and faint.This puts people of reading.
Cataract operations restore amazing colour and clarity of vision.Thank God for the NHS.
God knows what they do in poorer countries.
I ride Brompton,Hetchins 531

PS " is is" was deliberate if you failed.Either your a speed reader or need an eye test.
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