Road routes centre parks Elvedon

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Road routes centre parks Elvedon

Post by Dean0263 »

Going to the above.
Does anyone have any decent 30-40 mile road routes.
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Re: Road routes centre parks Elvedon

Post by geocycle »

Ah, an escape bid!
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Re: Road routes centre parks Elvedon

Post by mjr »

Correcting the title to "Elveden" might get more replies.

I'd try a loop out through Thetford and Great Hockham to East Harling and back through Euston.

The trouble with Elveden is the B1106 is an awful ride both north and south, and there's no legal paved alternative to the A11 quasi motorway through the forest to the west. So that leaves the Thetford and Euston roads. And I don't like Thetford much!
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Re: Road routes centre parks Elvedon

Post by re_cycler »

Maybe try Cycle.Travel with Oxborough Hall as a destination . Although the hall is an NT property it has a cafe in the car-park that is free to use. It doesn't solve the B1106 problem as you'd still need to get to Brandon from Centre Parcs.
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Re: Road routes centre parks Elvedon

Post by awavey »

stay well clear of the A11, A134, and you should be fine :)

which might sound like youre stuck at Centre Parcs, but as a for instance the Kings Cup Gravel Fondo route took in some very quiet and peaceful roads in that area, Knettishall Heath is really really nice to ride through and there are wild ponies, makes you think you are in the New Forest, and some of the minor roads are on Roman alignment still, so you can just ride it feels like for miles

or you could pick up some of the Wolf Way.

mix it up with the Rebellion way ... d-gpx-file

now you might say fine that still doesnt solve the how to get out Centre Parcs bit, but the whole forest is basically a grid of fire roads, some more loose surface than others, but there are certainly routes a road bike could use to navigate to areas you wanted to get to and avoid the worst roads.
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