Bike for life - The first tinkle

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Bike for life - The first tinkle

Post by freeflow »

Back in Aug 2020 I took possession of the bits to build my second 'bike for life' (the first having been nicked out of the back of the car whilst parked overnight in Lincoln).

After much reading, testing of gear ranges I opted for a bike built up using a Pinion P1.18 gearbox (and a custom Ti frame and forks from Vigmos in Germany). The assembled bike was set up using 24 tooth front and rear chainring/ sprocket to give 15 to 95 gear inches in 18 steps of 11.5%. I fitted the bike with KMC E1 EPC coated chains. I've been rotating two chains and using hot wax lubrication. As of the beginning of April (2024) (around 3 1/2 years) the chains have done about 15,000 km.

Alas, yesterday I heard the first tinkle of a slack chain hitting the chain stay.

I'd have to say that I've been quite impressed with the EPC coated chains as they have remained looking like new for the whole of their life. For the first 2 1/2 years of use it wasn't possible to measure chainwear as I couldn't get the pins of my Park Tools chain tool between the links. The current wear is indicated to be between 0.25 and 0.5%.

Chain Wear
Comparison of old chain (Left) and New chain (Right)
Before this bike I was using a 10 speed chainset and despite a rigourous cleaning and relubrication schedule (rotating 5 chains) I was only getting about 1000km from a chain.

And yes. The Pinion gearbox is a delight to ride. The only thing I would replace it with would be the Pinion Motor/gearbox combination (fortunately a few years off yet).
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Re: Bike for life - The first tinkle

Post by AndyB1 »

Have I missed something?
If elongation is 0.25 - 0.5% then the chain should still be good - is there no way you can tension it?
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Re: Bike for life - The first tinkle

Post by CliveE »

I can't quite understand why your chain was slack at all! You effectively have a single-speed setup and, presumably, near-horizontal drop outs. Isn't there any adjustment to remove the slack? If not, can you fit a chain tensioner? I like the idea of a 15" bottom gear but, if I'd been you, I'd have gone for a Gates belt for the ultimate in low maintenance.
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Re: Bike for life - The first tinkle

Post by rjb »

Tell us more about your lubrication schedule. How often do you rotate your chains. What goes in your hot wax. :wink:
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Re: Bike for life - The first tinkle

Post by colin54 »

Some pictures of Vigmos bikes in this gallery ( not all Pinion)showing the chain adjustment at the drop-out on Pinion gearbox bikes.
Happy riding ! :)
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