Escooter trial to start

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Re: Escooter trial to start

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Pressing ahead in Nottingham!

"More than 200 racks for e-bikes and e-scooters are to be installed across Nottingham.

In preparation for the return of e-scooters to the city, Nottingham City Council is installing 275 racks to help "improve parking" of both e-bikes and e-scooters.

A total of 140 racks have been installed so far thanks to funding from the Transforming Cities fund.

The council said the remaining racks will be introduced by June.

Authorities said the racks have been prioritised in areas where there is a high usage of e-scooters and e-bikes, good connections to local transport and where current parking arrangements are not working.

Since the launch of Lime e-bikes in Nottingham in April 2023, the council said more than 130,000 rides have been made across the city.

The e-bikes cost £1 to unlock and then 17p per minute to ride.

With the re-introduction of e-scooters to the city this summer, the council said more than 3.1m rides have been made since the e-scooter trial began in Nottingham in 2020.

Nottingham removed its e-scooter hire network in December 2023, after provider Superpedestrian closed down UK operations." (BBC News)

I hadn't realised so expensive - 17p per minute!
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Re: Escooter trial to start

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The statement from Nottingham City Council: ... ottingham/

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Re: Escooter trial to start

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Racks are a very good idea.
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Re: Escooter trial to start

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djnotts wrote: 20 Apr 2024, 7:23am I hadn't realised so expensive - 17p per minute!
It is and it isn't - the intention is that scooters are micromobility and that (by and large) they're replacing journeys that would otherwise be walked rather than journeys that would be driven. So they're relatively short distance, maybe 5-8 minutes at the most.

e-bikes tend to get used for about 12 minutes at most as well so even paying the per-minute rate isn't *that* pricey unless you're doing multiple rides per day.

However if you are doing that, you can also buy a "Ride Pass" which for Lime is 60 minutes for £4.99 - that removes the Unlock fee of £1 and just banks 60 minutes for use over the next 3 days. Any unused time is forfeited but you can do an unlimited number of rides up to a 60-minute total for the single flat-rate of £4.99.
They do longer periods as well - 120 minutes and 180 minutes for slightly higher. It's all listed in their app.
Airsporter1st wrote: 18 Apr 2024, 2:06pm
djnotts wrote: 16 Apr 2024, 12:08pm
Airsporter1st wrote: 16 Apr 2024, 10:59am In common use where I live and in the main, scooters (personal and hire), cycles, cars and pedestrians seem to co-exist reasonably safely and peacefully.
Where is this Utopia?!
Yep - it's just part and parcel of daily life. People sort of wander around pedestrianised high streets on foot, by bike (unpowered and e-) and by scooter. No issues at all. When Paris removed all it's hire e-scooters as a result of the rather ill-judged referendum, people simply bought their own (they're legal over there) so all that has really happened is that the fleet of hire scooters has been replaced by people using their own. But still no real issues - helped of course by the network of cycle infrastructure being rolled out there.
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Re: Escooter trial to start

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The Paris ban was AIUI not a vote against scooters per se but rather against parking problems, dumping, and what was viewed as commercial exploitation. That's why it only applied to the hire schemes.
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