English Language - what "Does your head in" ??

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Re: English Language - what "Does your head in" ??

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C.f. Buñuel's film of cheese mites. There's organic for you.
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Re: English Language - what "Does your head in" ??

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Jdsk wrote: 23 May 2024, 2:34pm
simonineaston wrote: 23 May 2024, 2:32pm ...
Down-side: Of course spelling affected in a negative way by ubiquitous auto-correction, the dreadful and patronising spawn of the spell-checker… What modern person can be bothered to a) turn the feature off b) check and struggle with further automatic features to edit the word or phrase to its correct version and c) be bothered to look it up if uncertain?
But why would an autocorrect function change lose to loose? They're both common English verbs...

It might not change one to the other, but it will often prompt lose when you want loose, and vice versa. As to why they're so easily confused, it's probably at least in part because the difference in spelling is in the vowel, but the difference in pronunciation is in the consonant. Also, loose is far more common as an adjective than a verb.
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