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Re: Unfit 40yo .Advice

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Really sorry to hear about your son.

if it's any help to you, I did a similar challenge following a stroke when I was 47 reasonably fit but unable to walk or stand. I started at 'ground-zero' by getting a trike (couldn't balance 2 wheels- still can't) I started slowly cycling around my local area gradually increasing distance and after about 3-4 months managed a 25K local charity ride, kept at it gradually getting fitter and losing a bit of weight. More importantly I got a bit of confidence back. I was(am) very lucky to have some patient mates willing to ride at my pace. 2 years on I was able to cycle 30-40 miles a day for 40 odd days to ride roughly 1500miles to my destination. It did involve crossing the Alps so I treated myself to some electric assistance.

So-,if you want to do LEJOG or any other challenge you can absolutely do it. My simple advice is:
- start simple, take your time and pace yourself.
- meticulous route planning is very important. be realistic about speed/daily distances.
- cycling is the best exercise for cycling.
- using an e-bike is just as much fun and still a challenge.
- help from friends and family is invaluable so don't be afraid to ask.

Best of luck, you'll smash it!
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Re: Unfit 40yo .Advice

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in4time wrote: 9 Jul 2024, 10:55am Personally I found cycling a tremendous uplift both during and after consecutive, difficult life events. Might be chemical/endorphins I don’t know but just going out for a ride somewhere ‘nice’ is a rejuvenating thing to do. 🚲
Cycling is brilliant for this. I have (and still do) used it for mulling over work issues and planning things. It helps with stress through some mindfulness time and the endorphins are a great, natural "treatment" for depression.
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Re: Unfit 40yo .Advice

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Mr_starfire wrote: 7 Jul 2024, 7:12pm Hi all. So for the last 12 years i have been a carer for my son who had Duchenne muscular dystrophy . He sadly passed away on the 1st of June and i want to do something in his name and also to perhaps raise some money for a charity . I have not worked in all of that time and so well..Im kind of fat and unhealthy . I have no idea where to start or just how difficult this route will be..Is it even going to be possible ?
Blimey - I've got no idea what you've gone through - I am sorry though....
..if its any comfort I returned to cycling in the mid 90's and I'm still fat and unhealthy*
...but in answer to your question; 'is it going to be possible?' the answer is 'yes, but not all at once'.
You start off perhaps with a 2 or 3 mile cycle route and then after a month of cycling it 3 or 4 times a week, you add a couple of miles and so on and so on... but the more cycling you do the bigger the leaps you can make.... so you might start of just adding a couple of miles at the rides.. and then you find yourself lengthing the rides by 6 or 8 miles as you get stronger...
....In a year or two you're doing 50 or 80 mile rides without even thinking about it.

(*especially right now- for the last three or four years most of my cycling trips have been single figure mileages... I'm even gonna struggle pulling a 20 miler out of the hat)
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