Man cycles the Americas

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Man cycles the Americas

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Good morning all,

Did anyone watch the programme last night on the BBC about the man who cycled across the Americas. It was part 1 of 3 I believe and he travelled from ALaska to the Rockys. It looked a great adventure with bears and forest fires to contend with and a serious lack of water. (not what you want in a forest fire :D )

I thought it was an interesting watch - I did miss the start though am not sure why he is doing it.

For anyone who is interested it is available on iplayer ... h_America/
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Re: Man cycles the Americas

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good morning i saw the aforementioned programme last night and i think that Mark Beaumont is 1 mad guy. He was until recently the Guiness world record holder for his cycling 18,000 miles around the world in 194 days 17 hours. He is currently touring various venues around Britain doing talks on his experiences of his trip around the Americas for those that are interested. Dates and venues can be found on the following link His book The Man who cycled the world is a good read and he writes about his trials and tribulations during his world record breaking ride.
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