Giant Defy 3.5 for John O'G to Lands End - thoughts please

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stuart davies
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Re: Giant Defy 3.5 for John O'G to Lands End - thoughts please

Postby stuart davies » 13 Aug 2010, 9:38pm

hi i have the giant defy 3 it is £625 it is slightly higher spec than 3.5 the gearing is to high to ride loaded the brakes are unbranded i am 16 stone i use this bike to commute unloaded and the brakes have been an issue in the rain the wheels and hubs are unbranded i have had problems with the rear wheel going out of true freaquently and bearing problems on the rear wheel it has very short chainstays i think you will be clipping your panniers ! although you have got mudguard eyes on the fork you have got toe overlap on the front wheel the only mudguards you can fit are race blades which on friday a twig got wedged in my front wheel on my way home and locked the wheel luckily the mudguard snapped before i was airborne !!!!! and i managed to regain control :oops: max size tyres you can fit are 700 x 25 the bike is a sportive / training bike not a touring bike i find the frame ok up to about 80 miles then the harshness of having such a short wheelbase alluminium frame really takes over :cry: it handles really well and it does fly on good surfaced roads :twisted: but ones on country roads with mixed surfaces and potholes i am quicker on my hybrid on 700 x 35 marathons i bought this bike to commute in the summer and to do 100 / 200k audax i do not know if i could do long days on this bike let alone lejog !!!! the defy range do really look good but im affraid it is not a bike fir touring or long days in the saddle ! i am 29 and been cycling for 15 years it is a good training frame but the components are rubbish they put a fsa chainset on and sora front and rear mechs to catch your eye but rims hubs brakes and even bar tape is rubbish . that is as honest as i can be :| ps i did not by this bike it was a gift from my father in law 8) on hind sight i would not by a giant defy hope this helps

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ferrit worrier
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Re: Giant Defy 3.5 for John O'G to Lands End - thoughts please

Postby ferrit worrier » 13 Aug 2010, 9:54pm

I LEJoG'D on a Giant SCR1.5 , I've not checked the spec of the Defy but I think the spec will be some what similar. the bikeoriginaly had Shimano Tiagra group set, but the hubs were as others have pointed out a compromise ie cheapo, earlier on this year I built a new set of wheels and used Tiagra hubs to complete the set up, and as soon as I hit the road (not literaly) I could feel the diference. that aside, it was the only change from it's original spec apart from new tyres and a Brooks B17 :D I've got a pannier rack on, as I need to carry my gear for work each day. I've been touring on the bike before and after the LEJOG with both panniers and no problems
This was taken on my first 100+ miler from home to Barmouth Sept 2008

I've swopped the panniers for a couple of smaller Halfords ones (the smaller the pannier the less weight you can carry)

I'm happy with what I've got and wouldn't change anything at the moment. The bike was recomended to me by my LBS as it would fit the criteria that I specified.

hope all that helps

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Re: Giant Defy 3.5 for John O'G to Lands End - thoughts please

Postby bigjim » 13 Aug 2010, 10:10pm

This guy tours around the world on basic model Giant bikes but I notice he uses a bigger rear tyre.
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Re: Giant Defy 3.5 for John O'G to Lands End - thoughts please

Postby MartinBrice » 17 Aug 2010, 1:54pm

look on ebay for a used galaxy - less than 10 years old and in reasonable condition. you should get it for £250-£400. you won't go far wrong with it and if it needs a bit of a fettling en route, that will be no problem.

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Re: Giant Defy 3.5 for John O'G to Lands End - thoughts plea

Postby patpalloon » 25 Jan 2011, 11:28pm

I've got a Giant Defy 3.5 and I love it! Just fitted some Shimano SPD SL pedals to it.
I'm going to use it for LEJOG at end of May. I am going to travel as light as possible,
just rear panniers and a bar bag. I'll let you know how I get on!
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