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Postby bannockburn » 27 Oct 2010, 10:46pm

Hi there, this is my first post, I would like to join and wondered what 'unwaged' meant. Does it mean unemployed?

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Re: Membership

Postby Snakes » 1 Nov 2010, 8:13am

Hi Bannockburn,

Unwaged means someone who's currently receiving income support. So yes, it could mean someone who's currently unemployed, or perhaps somebody that's receiving incapacity benefit. Reduced rates of membership are also applied to those under the age of 18, and those under the age of 26 who are registered as full time students. A reduced rate also applies to those over the age of 65.

I hope the above answers your question. If you'd like to obtain further details of CTC membership, please feel free to contact our membership department directly on - 0844 736 8451.

All the best


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Re: Membership

Postby gaz » 3 Jan 2011, 7:29pm

I accept Snakes' definition but I cannot find confirmation anywhere on the web-site or the pdf copies of membership application forms.

"Unwaged" could mean a lot of things, indeed it's cropped up on another thread recently. Why doesn't the Club provide a clear definition to prospective/renewing members during the application and renewal process?
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