Micro? adjust seatpost

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Micro? adjust seatpost

Postby Anura » 29 Sep 2011, 11:05pm

I decided to have a go on my road bike today. It has not been ridden for about 8 years. After having a preliminary ride round the block, I decided torture was better than riding it with an old saddle I found with micro adjust seatpost, as mine was in several bits around the garage, none of them appearing when I wanted it. Bear in mind this is an old Soensport road bike from the 1970s, so no flash equipment.

Anyway, I had a spare saddle so undid the Allan Bolt. Naturally it got to that stage where everything fell on the floor. I picked the bits up and put it together in what I thought might be the right order. Can anyone confirm that I have done it right? It is mainly where to put the separate little piece - should it be at the top, just underneath the saddle? It seemed to tighten up OK and I adjusted the rake and that seemed OK. Have I got it right? PS: You will have gathered I am a little mechanically inept but I do try.

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Re: Micro? adjust seatpost

Postby jb » 29 Sep 2011, 11:28pm

The 'little piece' has the thread in it that the allan bolt screws into, so it would be difficult to have it in the wrong place. You could get it wrong way up, or 90 degrees out, the curved bit should fit into the top half of the rail clamp against a mating curve, this piece is on top of the saddle rails, which are on top of the bottom half of the rail clamp and micro adjustment bit. The bolt goes up from the bottom through the seat post base and all the bits and screws into the 'little piece'. If the bolt seems to keep tightening you might have got the little piece wrong way round.
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