Have fleas!

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Re: Have fleas!

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I had to resort to treating our lovely Siamese with Pets at Home's version of the flea killer in a tube, can't think of the name. I don't seem to have been bitten since. I have been using the inside of garlic pearles to put with cat's food, which I understood was a natural flea deterrent but it obviously wasn't working hard enough.
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Re: Have fleas!


To tell if its bed bugs they will bite you three times , so if you see groups or just one group on three bites you will know.
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Re: Have fleas!

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Have you been travelling or spending nights away from home? Bed bugs tend to be picked up and transported in luggage so are common in accommodation where there is a large turnover of people. Their presence is not uncommon in hotels and similar accommodation in this country. Even the cleanest hotel can have bed bugs but usually they are kept in check by regular treatments carried out by pest control contractors.
If you have bed bugs, your room and the furniture will need chemical treatment in two stages, one to kill the adults and then a second treatment to catch any emerging nymphs. All bed linen will need to be hot washed.
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