Sturmey Archer Dyno Hub & Brake

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Sturmey Archer Dyno Hub & Brake

Postby David » 12 Feb 2008, 11:28am


Got one of these for Christmas, much better than the old Shimano I was using esp. as the bearings were well past their best.

I was sat on the sea front yesterday and noticed the cable was loose at the hub lever so took out 6mm (1/4") with the hub adjuster. I think this is due to cable stretch (fitted new cables when I fitted the wheel), however it is possible that the cable could have jumped out of the housing and I would have been without a front brake when I need it most so beware.

I've done about 200 miles with this setup and the brake is nowhere near as effective as the V-Brakes I swapped out - the wheel rims don't wear though !!!. I was hoping the brake would have seltled down by now but it still seems too wishy washy for me (I certainly couldn't do the stoppies that I was able to do with the V-Brakes) and I'm considering changing the lever for something that will give a bit more well "leverage" - the current levers are for V brakes so may not be the best, before I do go this route, has anybody any experience of these hubs and their braking performance and can you still buy levers for flat bars that aren't for V brakes ?



Postby ThomasDylan » 12 Feb 2008, 11:55am

I had one of these hubs on the ccommuter I built.

The braking effectiveness doesn't get any better! Luckily, I had to retain the rear V-brake when I built the bike, as it was as effective as the front hub.

On the other hand, it was nice to have the dyno in the same package.