Cycle friendly B+B in Roscoff

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Cycle friendly B+B in Roscoff

Postby forestboy60 » 15 Jun 2015, 6:46pm

I am cycle camping the Eurovelo 6 along the Loire from Nevers to Nantes starting a week today, then the Eurovelo 1 up to Roscoff and would like to have a B+B for my last night. Has anybody got any experience of stays in Roscoff. Anybody else around the route at the same time?


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Re: Cycle friendly B+B in Roscoff

Postby albal1 » 15 Jun 2015, 11:06pm


I did stop in Roscoff couple years back. The B+B opposite the Brittany terminal was excellent. around 50 bucks. Cant remember the name, but it has white walls and light blue shutters, single story block. She let me park the bike in her garage. Sorry that's all I remember.

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Re: Cycle friendly B+B in Roscoff

Postby ChrisF » 15 Jun 2015, 11:10pm

If you can stay in Morlaix instead of Roscoff (15 miles), the we (Truro Cycling Club , your local!) have stayed many times here It's mainly a hostel but Herve the proprietor does do B&B as well if you book in advance. You'll have to take your bike up steps to get into the place, but there is a small bike shelter in the garden.
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Re: Cycle friendly B+B in Roscoff

Postby DevonDamo » 15 Jun 2015, 11:52pm

On Saturday night I stayed in the Hotel Campanile in Morlaix. I think it was around £30. On arrival, I asked for a ground-floor room and was then able to just wheel my bike into my room. As it's a motel set up (the reception is in a different building) nobody will see you wheeling your bike in or out, and I'm sure they wouldn't care anyway. The ride from Morlaix to Roscoff is nice and easy, and you've got more supermarkets and restaurants etc in Morlaix.

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Re: Cycle friendly B+B in Roscoff

Postby forestboy60 » 16 Jun 2015, 3:15pm

As I am on the 9 15am ferry from Roscoff, I may look into the B+B by the ferry terminal this Saturday morning after the overnight crossing from Plymouth. It would save an early start from Morlaix.

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Re: Cycle friendly B+B in Roscoff

Postby simonineaston » 16 Jun 2015, 3:34pm

I've stayed in Morlaix and left in time to get to the morning ferry myself and pleasant tho' the ride is, it's a bit stressy, knowing you have to get there in time for the ferry sailing! And again, although Morlaix is a nice town, Roscoff's plenty nice enough too, and there are plenty of tempting restaurants to enjoy an fine final seafood meal! (assuming you don't eat seafood aboard the ferry as well!)
Hotel D'Angleterre is quite nice as 2 star establishments go and has bike storage... bikes go down the side, haven't eaten there, but as I say, there's plenty of nice places to eat in town. :D ... bd5b3124af
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Bikes go down the right side into covered area...
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Re: Cycle friendly B+B in Roscoff

Postby dbennett1882 » 18 Jun 2015, 6:15am

There are plenty of hotels in Roscoff itself. I've stayed in a variety over the years. Most can be booked through or the Brittany ferries website. Nearby towns such as St Pol de Leon are 15 mins by bike away.