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Postby [XAP]Bob » 13 Nov 2015, 10:09am

I've been bought a "subscription choice" between:

Anyone get/read/recommend any of the above?
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Re: Magazines....

Postby firedfromthecircus » 13 Nov 2015, 10:22am

If you are a fan of pro racing and want coverage then ProCycling might be a decent choice but other than that Cycling Plus is the most diverse, though I use that term very loosely. Can you not see if you could swap it for a Velo Vision subscription!

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Re: Magazines....

Postby whoof » 13 Nov 2015, 1:34pm

I bought the first issue of Cycling Plus and subscribed for a number of years. Initially it had articles on a reasonably wide number of areas of cycling including such things as touring and revamping an old bike. By the time I cancelled my subscription it felt as if every month the contents was pretty much the same. How do you train/prepare for a sportive or what's the best bike/kit for a sportive or where's the best sportive together with the new £10K bike from whoever, that all look pretty much the same. It might be that it's changed since then, pop into WH Smith and browse through some of these titles to see which most interests you.

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Re: Magazines....

Postby BE1 » 23 Nov 2015, 8:37pm

Mountain bike UK is for the "kidz" as is reflected in the language and the ads, avoid unless it is delivered in a plain envelope :wink:

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Re: Magazines....

Postby keyboardmonkey » 23 Nov 2015, 9:03pm

Two of the titles are reviewed on this new blog:

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Re: Magazines....

Postby Redvee » 24 Nov 2015, 1:11am

I had Pro-Cycling for 6 months for £20 cause they were giving a Lezyne Macro Duo light. More race focussed than the other mags listed.

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Re: Magazines....

Postby Tonyf33 » 24 Nov 2015, 1:48am

I got 6 months of C+ from mater two years ago, pretty awful but got a couple of freebies including cone spanner and various dissolvable electrolyte tabs.
it's basically for those interested in serious training, advertorial's and average tests of products from all the big manufacturers and rarely the outliers.
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Re: Magazines....

Postby mattsccm » 24 Nov 2015, 7:40am

Tonyf33 has it. I actually enjoy that so maybe?
Procycling is the most focused but if you don't like it not so good. Divert them to me instead!