27" Tyres

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27" Tyres

Postby pickerd1 » 1 Dec 2015, 3:23pm

Hello everyone,
I have a couple of old bikes that rely on 27" wheels. The first is a Claude Butler tandem and the second an old Falcon that I have had for 30 years or more (the first bike I bought with my own money) which is now converted into a single speed.
I could convert these to 700c but would really like to stick with 27".

For the Tandem I would really like some fatter tyres than t he present 1 1/4". Are these available?

For the Falcon single speed I would suite like something a bit narrower than 1 1/4". (I think?) Are these available?

willem jongman
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Re: 27" Tyres

Postby willem jongman » 1 Dec 2015, 3:30pm

I don't think there are any fatter 27 inch tyres anymore. For the solo bike I think the Panaracer Pasela would be very nice. For the tandem I might prefer something a bit sturdier.

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Re: 27" Tyres

Postby hercule » 1 Dec 2015, 5:36pm

You've probably already looked here:


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Re: 27" Tyres

Postby wjhall » 7 Dec 2015, 11:49am

For the narrower tyre I know of three 28-630 on sale in the UK at the moment:

Continental Supersport Plus and Ultrasport (The Supersport being the more expensive with protective belt.)

Pasela Tourguard folding (Rather expensive in my view, and requires a hooked rim.)

Variously from SJS and others.

Like you I suspect that a limited range of tyres is probably less trouble than changing to modern wheels, because of possible questions about OLD and brake drop compatibility. Also due to someone crashing a frame we have a spare rear wheel if we need it.

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Re: 27" Tyres

Postby pickerd1 » 7 Dec 2015, 1:03pm

Thanks for your replies.
I measured the Schwalbe Marathons that were fitted to the tandem and they are more like 30mm wide as opposed to the 32 (1 1/14") quoted. These will be ok on the single speed as my riding is on a combination of roads and trails.
However, when I tried these on my Mavic 27" rims and pumped them up they basically blow off the rim!!!
I saved the day by using some old(er) Weinmann rims. The tyres fitted these fine.
So that's the single speed sorted.
Wider tyres for the Tandem is more of a problem, but this can wait until next spring. I might try an fit some 29er wheels that I have. These will be 700c + a bit more for the tyre. As the tandem has cantilever brakes I hope to be able to adjust them to accommodate the slightly smaller wheel rim diameter. I will however loose the drum brake!