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Re: Supported Lejog

Postby Bicycler » 2 Jan 2016, 11:13pm

The helmet discussion has been moved to another thread: viewtopic.php?f=41&t=102598
(in case denniswpearce and wilddavid are still interested).

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Re: Supported Lejog

Postby GBCarl » 3 Jan 2016, 12:55pm

Thanks Dave, that was a cracking group that you ended up with on your LEJOG.

I think that is a huge factor of turning up on a ride like this on your own that most probably doesn't even consider when planning is what a laugh you will have and the quality of the Après-ski !

I'm really looking forward to this years rides and especially seeing some of you lot again :D

Spelling faults I'm blaming on the American program that didn't flag it up as I made the website myself and don't know much more than bugger all about computers! :P

Anyone who is planning to do the LEJOG, even if its not with me, who has any questions or needs any advice planning just give me a shout I am more than happy to help.

Thanks guys


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Re: Supported Lejog

Postby denniswpearce » 3 Jan 2016, 7:55pm

Thanks for posting Carl, seriously looking forward to the ride.
I think your site is perfect, it provided everything I needed to make it an easy decision to sign up.