La velodyssey first timer.

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La velodyssey first timer.

Post by Davidwd »

Dear all,

I have decided to undertake my first adventure riding the velodyssey from Hendaye to Roscoff. Is that the best way to do it? As all the routes seem to cover it from Roscoff to Hendaye, am I right by thinking the prevailing winds mostly blow northwards? I am allowing 2 weeks including taking the train from Santander ~ Bilbao~ Hendaye. Towards the end of May.

I have a kona dew deluxe, 9 speed. I will be taking camping gear but limiting my total luggage to 15kg and staying on campsites and B and B's. I don't think I am ready to wild camp yet.

Any advice will be most gratefully received.

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Re: La velodyssey first timer.

Post by dodger »

I did it the other way in May 2013 and the wind was in my face most of the way (and cold), so perhaps you have the right idea. But then, it will probably blow in your face too!
I only followed the bits I fancied and then made my own route for the rest, but it was largely enjoyable - apart from the weather.
The route through Les Landes left me with an aversion to pine trees; there must be several billion of them. The surface was good but a bit boring. Rather like following the Nantes-Brest Canal.
Plenty of campsites, although May is too early for some to be open.
2 weeks should be fine and allow you to take your time.
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Re: La velodyssey first timer.

Post by BeeKeeper »

My brother and I did it south to north a few years ago. We went in June and really enjoyed it. Lots of flowers in bloom and interesting birds breeding, like avocets. We had a headwind most of the way so I am really not sure the prevailing winds theory works!

I wrote an account on and would put a link here but for some reason the site isn't playing at the moment but that might be just my connection as I am in France at the moment. Just do a search for "Velodyssey just keep the see on our left" and you will find it.

The GPS routes you can download seem to be done north to south which isn't a problem until you hit a big town with one way systems. Biarritz was fun!

South to north worked for us because of the ferries. You can get a ferry from Roscoff every day but only two or at best three a week from Santander. Also, the biggest hills, such as they are are in Brittany, so best to have them at the end!

We took 18 days but you could do it in less if you are young and fit but remember the canal and some other stretches (sand!) are slow so be prepared to leave the planned route and use a road.

Edit. Found a link. ... 12400&v=PB
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Re: La velodyssey first timer.

Post by DaveP »

Might be some help with the start :)
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Re: La velodyssey first timer.

Post by jamoboggins »

I just posted my account of cycling the velodyssey over at ... n-november. Hope it's useful!
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