Why reflective gear costs so much?

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Postby thirdcrank » 13 Apr 2008, 8:47am

That hi-viz kilt is supposed to be the very latest thing - incidentally, it costs something like £50-00 + vat

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Postby JohnW » 13 Apr 2008, 10:08am

I think that a bloke wearing a kilt whilst cycling would be pretty hi-vis anyway, no matter what the colour.

I think it's an insult to the Scots.

I don't think I'll buy one.

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Re: Why reflective gear costs so much?

Postby GrahamG » 14 Apr 2008, 1:28pm

Cadfael wrote:
+1... well said that man!

Not only for Hi-Viz gear but general safety gear. Cycling specific spectacles can cost the earth, but go to a Safety Wear website you can see specs that offer the same protection... UV, strong lenses to withstand hits from road debris, antislip frames and anti-mist for a fraction of the price...I am talking about a fiver. And you can either smoked, clear or amber lenses, for around £15 you can have all three, with polycarbonate lenses.

As regards why cycling specific kit is so expensive, that is because some cyclist will pay it, and in a few cases just to have a particular logo or name emblazoned across it. The usual justification that you get what you pay for, but when you look at the very good kit that is safety rated on H&S sites, that argument falls flat. A lot of the stuff from H&S stores are also very fashionable and trendy.




Thanks for that - they even look better!

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Postby thirdcrank » 14 Apr 2008, 9:22pm

I'm not sure everybody is comparing like with like.

Obviously, specialist H&S shops are cheapest for most hi-viz togs, probably because of the bulk quantities they sell. The open mesh stuff is ideal for utility cycling but most of the rainwear is not breathable. When they do breathable stuff, particularly Goretex, it is usually in the 'executive' range and priced to match.

(As for Halfords sheets of stickers, they have always seemed pricey to me so I have nver bought any.)