Classic Frame Builder Wanted

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Re: Classic Frame Builder Wanted

Postby hujev » 29 Aug 2018, 11:30pm

Hmm, haven't been paying attention I guess as I missed this. I asked the same question back in 2015. [ ]

I wound up having Kevin Sayles at Woodrup build me a frame, which is a great old-style horizontal top tubes 1" steerer beauty. [pix he made of the building, which was fun to see while waiting:]

Another one I'd highly, highly suggest is the Stanforth Skyelander, built by Lee Cooper []. If I didn't have a pretty good set of touring bikes (...) I'd buy one. I bought a Kibo frame from the same outfit [] and it's 101% great. They'll do any configuration you like. They're starting to do 'fancier' modern stuff now (have to stay in business so make the People what they want).

Another custom UK builder I had less luck with, but the two above were top notch.

One great reason to buy an English style touring frame from England, besides the obvious, is that UK builders for better or worse are much cheaper than American versions. Kevin's been building professionally since the early 70s and my frame posted to the US was about £1200. In my study of this a few years back even fairly 'new' framebuilders in the US were considerably more expensive. They few 'ancient' US builders are more like the $3-5000 range.