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Re: make your cycle journey easier - Plusbike

Postby Antbrewer » 21 May 2018, 1:00pm

Re.. gripe on bike booking on trains.

Even though trying to reserve a space for my bike was a nightmare I feel I have to balance my gripe by stating how easy and efficient the journey was.

I was amazed when I learnt that the first train from St Bees Cumbria I had to catch had a 'guards van'. I wasn't able to reserve a bike space but was told it was a 'first come' basis. No problem as this guards van had space for about 50 bikes.
The next train was from Carlisle to Birmingham. The station staff could not have been more helpful. However why does the main Virgin train from Scotland to London only have 4 bike spaces? Having booked one for me there was no problem.
On the whole the journey was fine but the booking of tickets and reservation of bikes remains a pain in the saddle area?

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Re: make your cycle journey easier - Plusbike

Postby Sweep » 22 May 2018, 7:55am

Totally agree with you ant.

Travelling with a bike on virgin west coast usually a joy. Staff great. Take a bow colin at preston station.

Actually getting the bit of paper that a!lows you to appreciate the staff a nightmare that can make you lose the will to live.

Go jump of a cliff management.