Is there a Di 2 Guru here?

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Is there a Di 2 Guru here?

Postby tempsperdu » 26 Apr 2018, 10:10am

If so can you answer a couple of questions please?

Are there two sets of wires around for Di 2?
Would these be the older 4 wire system and the new e tube (2 wire system)?
Are the two types interchangeable ie use the same connectors?
Where can I find a definitive list of the e tube cable lengths available not just what sellers have in stock?
As Shimano in their wisdom do not do an XT I-spec ll shifter for Di 2 can I use a discreet button system, right up left down via a screen, to run a Synchro Shift 2x11 XT system? It works in my head and only needs five wires total and the BTC1 battery case has the lower JB built in.
This is based on the theory that the components are configurable across the range models produced by Shimano. In this case XT and Ultegra thus I can run XT RD & FD using Ultegra bar shifters and a Screen and Battery case provide sufficient JB space and the B110 Battery has the software chip in it.

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Re: Is there a Di 2 Guru here?

Postby Gattonero » 26 Apr 2018, 1:57pm

1- yes, the 1st gen. Di2 used a bigger connector, external battery as standard, no user program options, no option to customize cable routing (the 1st. gen. cannot use the "juction box" as the new E-Tube) etc.

2- no, you can't mix any of the components, wires/bar junction box/derailleurs won't work

3- in doubt, just use a longer wire anyway? Do you have specific requirements for length?

4- not sure what you want to achieve? AFAIK they've release a "clutch" Ultegra RD that may fit your needs?
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Re: Is there a Di 2 Guru here?

Postby tempsperdu » 27 Apr 2018, 12:51pm