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Re: Shimano 12-speed

Postby belgiangoth » 14 Jun 2018, 9:27pm

Sweep wrote:My only concern about this mad path (am happy for others to follow it) is reduced availability of 9 speed bits.


To be fair though, I have been using 1x for the last 15 years and think it suffices, in fact I have been riding 1x2 pretty much exclusively and I only have the second gear in case the cog snaps. On the next bike I probably won't bother.
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Samuel D
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Re: Shimano 12-speed

Postby Samuel D » 14 Jun 2018, 9:28pm

These poor guys stand to lose real money when this sort of thing happens, since their results are the basis of their contract negotiations.

It’s hard to justify why we’ve got to this stage, with bicycles failing seemingly more often than ever while technological progress should dictate the opposite. A silly state of affairs. It’s not even good publicity at this point, is it? Though P T Barnum did say something about bad publicity …

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Re: Shimano 12-speed

Postby hercule » 14 Jun 2018, 9:30pm

It's all old hat. My 1985 Saracen came with Shimano 12 speed gearing. It still works perfectly (though at the moment the bike is wearing a Nexus 8 speed hub gear).


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Re: Shimano 12-speed

Postby StephenW » 16 Jul 2018, 8:07pm

I think perhaps these cassettes with very large sprockets and lots of gears could be useful for recumbents, although I am sure this is the last thing the designers had on their minds!

I have a few reasons for thinking this:

-Recumbents benefit from having low gears, but using very small chainrings to achieve this can result can result in undesirable flex in the frame. This is because using a small chainring results in high chain tension. Achieving the same gear ratio with a larger chainring and larger sprocket avoids this. I find that the feel of my recumbent changes a lot when I shift from the 32 to 22 tooth chainring - it becomes noticeably mushy.

-Cross-chaining is no problem on a recumbent, as the chain is so long.

-There is no reason not to offset the rear wheel on a recumbent. I think on an upright offsetting the frame too much could give bad chainline or cause heel clearance problems. On a recumbent neither of these is a problem.

However, from my point of view it is a shame that they have managed to have lots of gears by making everything thinner. I would prefer that the sprockets were the thickness of 8 or 9 speed, and the hub were made proportionately wider to fit them all in. The frame could then be offset to give an undished wheel.