Getting into the recumbent cycling

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Re: Getting into the recumbent cycling

Postby UpWrong » 12 Aug 2018, 8:22am

Get a 55T ring. ICE offered that as an option on the Q.

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Re: Getting into the recumbent cycling

Postby squeaker » 12 Aug 2018, 9:13am

Higher top speeds may look impressive, but on a 'there and back' route most time is spent going uphill (where you are slowest) so to increase average speed you need to work on that aspect ;)
I don't understand the bit about the seat not staying more reclined - can you post some photos of the attachment points where it currently works and where it doesn't? More recline will make you more aerodynamic, as will non-flappy clothing.
Shorter cranks will help with spinning - many 'bent riders use 150 to 155s for that purpose (and reducing knee loads) - probably less expensive than a capreo rear swap (9T not that efficient IHMO), Finally, using a Big Apple 50-406 rear tyre will get you another 5% in speed for the same wheel rotation velocity :wink: but check that you have enough clearance first.

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Re: Getting into the recumbent cycling

Postby Tigerbiten » 12 Aug 2018, 12:25pm

For better gears, I'd fit a triple up front.
A long cage derailleur will just cope with 48 tooth difference.
So 48-32+11 = 27 or you should be ok with a 26 tooth difference big -> little chainring.
A 56t chainring will give you another gear up.
Put the chain on your small chainring and measure the gap between the chain and the bottom of the derailleur cage.
You need 2 mm per tooth.
So if it's over 20 mm a 56-44-30 triple should work.
This will also give you another gear down.

Don't worry about spinning out as I can easily spin out a 130" gear which is 50% higher than you top gear.
But I've only once spun my top out which is around 100% higher than your top.
My trike was purposely built with an ultra wider gear range.

What's your BCD ??
If it's 130 then a 44t Stronglight 130/74 BCD Adaptor ring will convert a double to a triple.
Then you just need the outer and inner chainrings.
£50 for outer, £30 for middle/adapter and £20 for inner.
So probably around £100 for all the bits from Spa cycles.