Eurosender for bike shipping

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Eurosender for bike shipping

Postby Gregoire_500 » 8 Jun 2018, 12:35pm

A friendly warning to avoid this broker for bike shipping...

I made the mistake of booking with them to ship a bike from Germany to the UK without looking at their online reviews, which are mostly terrible.

Safe to say they're inept, didn't pick up, customer service unapologetically refuse to respond to anything, tell me to deal with the shipper directly when they're closed, rebook for a date that I had already told them was not possible because of travel, then refuse to let me deal with the shipper directly pointing to the same rules, and of course, refuse to refund.

They satisfy themselves by repeatedly pointing to terms and conditions that indemnify themselves from any responsibility or obligation to refund are apparently "approved by the Slovenian Ministery of Economy"-what an endorsement for terrible service.

Caveat emptor...