Halfords - service

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Halfords - service

Postby Prodigal » 7 Jul 2018, 7:59pm

In case you were thinking of using Halfords:

1) Back in May I order a bike rack relying on the photo on the Halfords website to make the purchase.
2) Halfords send the wrong rack
3) I complain
4) Halfords tell me I'm wrong
5) I prove Halfords wrong
6) Do Halfords apologise? Well, grudgingly I get a half-apology
7) Halfords ask me to return the wrong rack
8) I return the rack to the nearest store with a note for their Customer Services team to tie the return to the case
9) Halfords do not have the rack I want at the store, so I email the CS team to ask them to send me the right rack
10) Halfords do not respond.
11) I eventually tire of waiting & ask them to get back to me
12) Halfords tell me I was given a 'direct' replacement when I dropped the rack of at the store. Was I heck as like!!!
13) In doing so, Halfords effectively accuse me of fraud
14) I ask for a direct line to a manager, as this has gone on far too long.
15) In the meantime, Halfords are still displaying the incorrect image on their website.
16) Watch this space...

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Re: Halfords - service

Postby cyclemad » 10 Jul 2018, 9:52pm

I wouldn't bother with Halfords unless you only want a bulb etc...They are a proper shower of amateurs employing young kids who haven't got a clue..having watched a kiddy wink attempt fitting a headlamp bulb to a vx astra ( where you have to go in through a panel located in the wheel arch)

hadn't got a clue.....

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Re: Halfords - service

Postby KTHSullivan » 29 Aug 2018, 11:03am

Priced a pair of pedals on their interweb site some time ago; quite a good price, (they were replacements for SWMBO's commuting bike) went to local store and they agreed to price match but refused to give me my 10% CTC (sorry showing age but old habits die hard) discount in addition.

But came away with a set of pedals anyhow. During the conversation with the Bike Hut "Manager" asked if they came with cleats? He opened the box and proclaimed " I have never seen mini cleats before"! Hmmmmm. :?
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Re: Halfords - service

Postby Retour64 » 1 Oct 2018, 7:44pm

I am not rich so bought my bike from Halfords. It was a Hybrid bike but once the bike has been set up using components from previous bikes I like to call it a touring bike.
I have built several bikes from the frame upwards in the past so I collected the part assembled bike in its box. The Halfords minion strongly recommended that they assemble it even though I pointed out that even fitting headsets and fixed cups was not beyond me.

Once I had signed a disclaimer I was then allowed to take the hike home where I could assemble it with my favoured parts from my previous bikes assembled as it was built rather than having to disassemble an already assembled bike.

He then had the cheek to tell me that the bike should be brought back for a check and wheel truing.

I was not having him true a wheel that I had built!

Needless to say my bike has never been inside a Halfords after it has been assembled and the last time any bike of mine has been into a bike shop for repair was 1977.

However it was worth the experience to see the Halfords minion's face looking like a smacked *rse because he would not accept someone could mend their own bike.
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Re: Halfords - service

Postby fastpedaller » 2 Oct 2018, 4:02pm

about 15 years ago I had to endure going to Halfords for the in-laws to buy our daughter (6 years old) a bike. Having (she still has!) very small hands she was unable to reach the brake levers unless the cables were adjusted and the levers brought closer to the bars using the helpfully-provided adjustment screws. Minion refused to change anything because it would be non-standard and dangerous. Wife (probably wisely) just told me to say nothing, so we took it away and I did it when we got home. In-laws said the 'expert' was right 'cos he worked in the shop. So is it better to have a brake lever that a child can operate (and is unlikely to run out of movement ie hit the bar if the adjustment is checked regularly) or one that the child is unable to operate at all ?
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