Halfords - service

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Halfords - service

Postby Prodigal » 7 Jul 2018, 7:59pm

In case you were thinking of using Halfords:

1) Back in May I order a bike rack relying on the photo on the Halfords website to make the purchase.
2) Halfords send the wrong rack
3) I complain
4) Halfords tell me I'm wrong
5) I prove Halfords wrong
6) Do Halfords apologise? Well, grudgingly I get a half-apology
7) Halfords ask me to return the wrong rack
8) I return the rack to the nearest store with a note for their Customer Services team to tie the return to the case
9) Halfords do not have the rack I want at the store, so I email the CS team to ask them to send me the right rack
10) Halfords do not respond.
11) I eventually tire of waiting & ask them to get back to me
12) Halfords tell me I was given a 'direct' replacement when I dropped the rack of at the store. Was I heck as like!!!
13) In doing so, Halfords effectively accuse me of fraud
14) I ask for a direct line to a manager, as this has gone on far too long.
15) In the meantime, Halfords are still displaying the incorrect image on their website.
16) Watch this space...

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Re: Halfords - service

Postby cyclemad » 10 Jul 2018, 9:52pm

I wouldn't bother with Halfords unless you only want a bulb etc...They are a proper shower of amateurs employing young kids who haven't got a clue..having watched a kiddy wink attempt fitting a headlamp bulb to a vx astra ( where you have to go in through a panel located in the wheel arch)

hadn't got a clue.....

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Re: Halfords - service

Postby KTHSullivan » 29 Aug 2018, 11:03am

Priced a pair of pedals on their interweb site some time ago; quite a good price, (they were replacements for SWMBO's commuting bike) went to local store and they agreed to price match but refused to give me my 10% CTC (sorry showing age but old habits die hard) discount in addition.

But came away with a set of pedals anyhow. During the conversation with the Bike Hut "Manager" asked if they came with cleats? He opened the box and proclaimed " I have never seen mini cleats before"! Hmmmmm. :?
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