MetaBike 700 for sale.

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MetaBike 700 for sale.

Postby BlackPanther » 13 Oct 2018, 4:55pm

So, the Metabike has sat unridden since I acquired the Catrike 700. The reasons? Well, I commute 25 miles per day, and the Catrike is much better for carrying my work gear. Also, I bought the Metabike mainly for ride outs with mates,’s too fast! I found myself just not enjoying playing the waiting game or just not having to put the effort in that makes a ride out enjoyable. The Catrike keeps up nicely though, so it gets used all the time.

The Metabike comes with a choice of the 700 wheels fitted (durano front, durano plus rear), or I can fit the 26inch wheels if you’re after comfort over outright speed, plus it would bring the seat a bit lower to the ground, (these have Marathon racers front and rear). It comes with SRAM X-0 front and rear shifters, and X9 rear mech.

The Ventisit seat fitted is almost brand new, as I’ve only ridden on it for about 5 miles on todays test ride. I bought it as the rubbery seat that came with it made for an uncomfortable (and sweaty back) ride.

Overall condition is ‘average’ for the frame, as it’s been stored in a crowded garage, and has a fair few minor scratches, all from storage, it’s never been dropped or had on ‘off’.

I’ve owned a fair few ‘bents, and this is the best at climbing by a fair way. It’s also quick on the flats, probably a tad quicker than my old Bacchetta Strada.

So, if there are any speed demons out there, send me a pm. Can’t seem to get many pics on here, but I can email more. I’m looking for around £1200, but open to offers.

Cheers, Carl.





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