badly let down by tacx, smart trainer with films

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badly let down by tacx, smart trainer with films

Postby jawaka » 16 Mar 2019, 10:15am

Well I'm 64 and have used the Tacx films on my Tacx Vortex for the last couple of years, and have paid to buy the films. At my age I'm not competitive and just enjoyed the challenge of riding up Mont Ventoux in my garage. Mostly I've used it in springtime to train for a trip to the Alps and don't use it much otherwise.

Tacx have now withdrawn the cycling app for a training app and I can't access the films I bought, and if I want to be able to access films I can only do it with a 9.99 euros monthly subscription. I don't use it often enough to justify that

Frankly disgusted with Tacx who didn't really seem to care much about support and the app was sometimes very frustrating and not always reliable, and having taken my money, they have now made my purchases unavailable. Oh yes I had the first unit replaced under warranty as it wouldn't switch on and the second packed up last week and is back with Tacx for repair/ replace

I would be more than happy to ditch Tacx after the way they have treated me and would buy another trainer that fulfils what I want to do. Wahoo don't seem to have a films option, are there other smart trainers out there which will match my usage?

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Re: badly let down by tacx, smart trainer with films

Postby cyclemad » 16 Mar 2019, 7:28pm

my first vortex packed up within the first week.....Im on my second unit now...its about a year old and not had any troubles ( touching wood frantically now ) ...I tried the Tacx app and found it boring....I wanted to ride along with others and bit the bullet and joined Zwift...the vortex is doing ok...I only use it during the winter months and when its raining...I don't do rain.
feedback from others is that tacx seem very good when dealing with faulty units...So dont lose hope just yet.

If its still in warranty you could always get your money back and try another brand on the basis of having two go down the toilet !!

try a Zwift free trial....25km and then you getter option of signing up for an account - I think its about £12 a month but you can opt in / out as you choose...