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Postby DNC123 » 10 Nov 2019, 1:10pm

I wanted to buy a new bike computer and my local Halfords had one in stock. Just one. I ordered it and went to collect it. When I got there I found the one in stock was the display model and they were not allowed to sell it. I'd driven 10 miles and after much debate I was told that the next nearest store -20 miles away - had one in stock and I could go and pick it up.
Not wanting a 60 mile round trip for nothing I "persuaded" my store to ring up to check. Sure enough this was also the display model.

My store agreed this wasn't good service and suggested I made a complaint to Head Office. I did. And guess what HO did? They passed the complaint to my local store to resolve.

I finally got what I wanted from Wiggle.

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Re: Halfords online

Postby gbnz » 11 Dec 2019, 7:56pm

Well, have dropped into several cycle shops in the last fortnight, looking for a specific product (Nb. A He.....et). As I like to start at the cheaper end of the market, even reviewed the £5.99 stock available in discount stores, prior to looking at £100+ stock elsewhere.

Halfords had a fantastic range of stock, at fantastic prices, I spent 30 minutes making my choice! Not a single annoying interruption from staff during this time. And on paying for it, had an immediate positive response to my request to leave it in store while I continued my two hour walk through the historic town of Berwick on Tweed :D (Nb. Didn't want to carry a bulky cardboard package around for two hours).

Though have to say Halfords own He....et's weren't the best. I'm surprised but there was a noticeable difference in quality in relation to the fitting, between a £10-25 Halfords versions and a £15-30 brand name versions (NB. Cheap end brand name He....et's were reduced by 30-50%)

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Re: Halfords online

Postby AgentWayward » 23 Dec 2019, 10:25pm

I bought their Apollo Belmont for £160 4 days ago, it was delivered next day.
To be fair, I wasn't expecting much but it has surpassed my (albeit a newbie ) expectations by a mile.
I built myself (I'm an engineer) and I've ridden it 60 miles so far and it's all good,
Picked up a water carrier, bottle and a frame bag for next to nothing too.

Excellent really, has been my experience .