H&S and Risk assessments

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Re: H&S and Risk assessments

Postby Mike Sales » 8 Jul 2019, 9:45am

pjclinch wrote:The continued promotion of helmets in training is, I think, a cock-up on multiple fronts more than a conspiracy.


A conspiracy does not need to be conscious and explicit to be effective. When interests and world views coincide it is easy to accede to this sort of nonsense.

"Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.".


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Re: H&S and Risk assessments

Postby pete75 » 11 Jul 2019, 1:28pm

Mike Sales wrote:
pedals2slowly wrote:Absolutely agreed, anyone in industrial H&S knows that PPE is bottom of the list in 'Hierarchy of controls', if ONLY we could get the general public, politicians, safety 'campaigners' and other cyclists to understand that there are many many things to tackle before helmet wearing it would be a tremendous step in tackling the real problems of safety when cycling on the road.

I suspect that controls higher up the hierarchy might involve changes or restrictions which impinge on other groups of road users (or road builders) and that is precisely why there is so much helmet propaganda. If helmets are the solution, then it is up to cyclists to make themselves safe, and nobody else need do anything.
These people do not want to understand.
Helmets are a diversion and an alibi.

To put it another way, if helmets are the answer then what is the question?

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Re: H&S and Risk assessments

Postby pjclinch » 12 Jul 2019, 12:42pm

pete75 wrote:To put it another way, if helmets are the answer then what is the question?

As Peter Walker's chapter heading in the excellent Bike Nation states, “If Bike Helmets are the Answer, you're Asking the Wrong Question”
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