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Re: First Bike

Postby HobbesOnTour » 16 Aug 2019, 5:53am

Thehairs1970 wrote:
Sorry, but I have to disagree with this. There is a lot o anti-aluminium feeling amongst the touring crowd but I think it's in justified. The frames made from aluminium for touring are specific to touring. They have been engineered to do the job. And if you want to see what an aluminium bike can do, check out Alee Denham on Cyclingabout on YouTube. He goes EVERYWHERE including places I wouldn't walk.

I thought I was avoiding an argument on steel vs aluminium. I have no objections to aluminium. I thought the switch was worthy to point out to the op in case their research was based on older information.

I know someone who specialises in the sale of used touring bikes here in NL. Koga World Travellers are becoming rarer. Maybe that's because people are holding on to them, or maybe less are being sold. His info is that it's the latter. Santos seem to be the "in" bike at the moment - aluminium - and I can't help but believe that Koga have lost something (almost) unique by switching their material.

Colour me cycnical, but while I enjoy a good YouTube presentation, I can't help but feel that a lot of the "stars" are receiving backup that the likes of me wouldn't receive with the same bike.

At the end of the day every bike has its limitations regardless of frame material, drive system or anything else. But none are as important as our own limitations -in my experience.

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Re: First Bike

Postby willp01908 » 17 Aug 2019, 1:15pm

Vorpal wrote:I recommend getting a used tourer, almost anything in the right size will do, and getting some touring miles in. Learn what you like and don't, what works for you, etc.

After that, if I were going on an around the the world expedition and buying a new bike for it, my first stop would be Thorn.

This and similar posts in spades. Try it on some medium to longish uk and european tours. There`s a fair bit of crossover between hill walking (Lightweight camping etc.) but they are different. You might hate it.

I look forward to my late summer 3 weeks touring all year, but find walking tedious beyond belief.