Raleigh motus 400 watt battery

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Re: Raleigh motus 400 watt battery

Postby stodd » 22 May 2020, 9:01pm

I think there are adaptors for running parallel batteries, but expensive. You can easily carry two and plug them in an out as needed (a few seconds job). Yes a 500w will fit fine; just make sure you get the right one. You could keep the 400 and buy a new 500 and plug them in/out as needed.

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Re: Raleigh motus 400 watt battery

Postby hemo » 23 May 2020, 11:03am

Afaik Bosch bikes that run parallel battery set up have to equipped to do so form the factory and the harness can't be retrofitted,
I'm not 100% on this but only a dealer can probably give a definitive answer.

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Re: Raleigh motus 400 watt battery

Postby saudidave » 24 May 2020, 9:08am

In reply to Bazang

My Raleigh Motus Grand Tour, hub gear version, bought 18 months ago, is a fantastic ebike now it is sorted but when collected from the dealer, new, in December 2018 it was a disaster and for the first few months I did nothing but adjust and modify it:

On the 4th or 5th outing the gear cable retaining clip fell off and I lost gears, neccesitating an 80 mile round trip to the dealers for a replacement and fixing under warranty

The handlebar stem came loose and needed tightening.

The front mudguard rattled badly and I had to glue rubber washers between the stays and mudguard to cure it. (Push fit clip with no means of tightening or adjusting)

The horizontal rear dropouts gave inadequate travel for adjustment meaning I had to design, fabricate and adjust a chain tensioner. Raleigh were obstructive, not helpful and I note that on the following model year they changed the dropout design and fitted a chain tensioner. It was obviously a design issue

The rear mudguard suspension clip on the rear rack was a poor design and fell off during a ride because the bolts came loose. I replaced the bolts with nylon locking ones and further reinforced the bracket with zip ties. Raleigh again changed the design the following model year.

The stand had 6 mm holes for the two retaining bolts and the integral frame bracket to which it attached had 5mm Allen bolts meaning the stand kept working loose and eventually one of the bolts sheared in the frame. I fabricated and installed the stand in to another convenient frame slot and fixed it with two 6mm nylon locking nuts and Allen headed bolts.

The chain guard kept coming loose and had to be changed (nylon press fittings)

It took a lot of adjusting, modifying and endless patience to get the bike reliable and safe, which it is now. I’ve done 700 miles on it during lockdown with virtually no maintenance other than washing it, checking tyre pressures and cleaning and lubricating the chain. Raleigh had badly designed and assembled the bike and were not at all helpful when I had problems with it. Would I buy another? Yes I would now the design has been developed because the specification is high quality and the problems I had wouldn’t now occur due to design development. I would prefer to go for another make if possible due to the attitude of Raleigh if I could get the same spec. Cube have a couple of bikes that fit that bill at the right price.