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Re: Social Distancing


From most of what I have seen especially my neighbours in general and even on the bike when I've been allowed to, nothing much has changed from normal every day experiences before the virus.
Basically people are very selfish and tend to occupy the space thinking that no one else is there especially if there is two or more people and you are on your own.
This is always been my lifetime experience that if you are Out on your own and meet a group of people they tend to ignore the fact you're even there.
I don't think that most people even from the start took much notice of social distancing or just thought it didn't apply to them.
The media totally distort a lot of the facts but they do on most of the things they report about.
They will pick up on the minutest bit of detail that might seem unusual to them but ignore all the pretty obvious things which people need to be reminded about, well if they didn't have that they wouldn't have a job would they.
In stark contrast to that I came out of my house but stopped at the gate, the guy on the payment probably more than 3 m away saw me and immediately jumped into the road, I had already stopped and was about to stand back and I thought his reaction was a bit 0TT.

All I can say is they lucky there is not a war on........

whilst the social distancing was very strict back awhile, I was going out late on my bike like 10 o'clock to early hours of the morning.
so quite a few raveups and groups, who were using the cover of darkness to hide.
One such group which looked like similar age people to me that's over 60 didn't even move over just occupied the whole of the path until I slowed down and almost stopped.
In contrast to this a similar time of I saw a group of young people less than 20-year-olds maybe eight or 10 walking along the road but maintaining strict social distancing with individual lights.
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Re: Social Distancing

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I had a brilliant one a few days back - was waiting outside a shop and behind me was this young lass (early 20s) rough as hell but really nice and chatty, she was drinking out of a can and she must of noticed me looking at the can and knew I was thinking she was on the special brew or something, so she decided to tell me it wasn't alcohol and it was just a lovely soft drink, can't remember what it was called!. She then offered me a drink of it, was quite insistent that I tried it. She walked over towards me to hand me the can, at which point she noticed my horror and said "oop's I forget about the 2m thing" So she left the can half way and backed off so as to keep the social distant - Unbelievable, she knows to keep 2 metres but see's nothing wrong in sharing a can with a complete stranger!

Anyway, it wasn't that nice, far too sickly for my liking.
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Re: Social Distancing

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I think for "primary data" you'd be best off just looking at the guidance/rules from British Cycling, Cycling UK and CTT (Cycling Time Trials, the governing body that looks after TTing).

No racing, no club rides so while the percentage of cyclists who race is relatively low, it's certainly a huge knock on for the industry especially in terms of sponsorship and exposure. Cancelling a few local circuit races is one thing but having the Women's Tour and Tour of Britain and Tour de Yorkshire cancelled has been a massive blow to "the industry".

In terms of real world stories - you might like to look at the disturbing rise in anti-cycling signage ("Go Home Covidiot Cyclists" etc) and tacks, wires, nail traps, that appeared in many places.
Search for Little Bollington (the council put out anti cycling signs then a while later took them down again after protests), Bradwell (a lot of vitriolic comments on their village FB page) and I'm sure you can find others. Really quite worrying as a social response to cycling - in many cases it was using the pandemic to further an existing anti-cycling agenda.
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