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Re: Membership rates

Posted: 1 Jun 2022, 10:18am
by JohnW
Jdsk wrote: 1 Jun 2022, 10:12am
JohnW wrote: 1 Jun 2022, 10:08am
Jdsk wrote: 1 Jun 2022, 8:43am
Here's one: as a general principle it's smarter for organisations to look to the future rather than the past.
The past has it's lessons - we ignore those lessons at our peril.
One lesson is that the future will have it's needs.
If we only look to the future we have to re-invent the answers to the needs.
That in itself will create more needs - our answers may be wrong and thereby again create more needs.
We should certainly learn from the past. But please have a look at the many discussions of the CTC and Cycling UK.... how many of them are discussing what success would look like in the future? And how many of them are filled with nostalgia, resentment and perceived slights in the past?

Dunno Johnathan - I'm not counting.

Re: Membership rates

Posted: 1 Jun 2022, 7:05pm
by Philip Benstead
thirdcrank wrote: 1 Jun 2022, 7:37am
Regarding fashion, at one time the club dealt with mopeds in club magazine.
"Is this right?"

The comic - currently titled Cycling Weekly did run for a while as Cycling and Mopeds but I don't remember mopeds in the CTC mag
I had it confirmed by cycling historican that
"Cycling Weekly certainly disd and changed its title to Cycling and Mopeds. I think BSA, Raleigh and Hercules advertised mopeds in the CTC Gazette in the 1950s"