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Parental Consent Form - updated?

Posted: 22 Feb 2024, 4:37pm
by Catlover
Just checking whether CUK has updated its recommended wording for a parental consent form for member group events. I've been using the same one for years and the wording seems outdated now, with talk of rent books as proof of independent living.
I can simply delete that wording but was interested to discover if there's a better version, but can't find anything on the website. Thanks.

Re: Parental Consent Form - updated?

Posted: 22 Feb 2024, 7:07pm
by gaz
Current version: ... able_0.pdf
Parental Consent:
Parents/guardians of riders under the age of 18 must consent in writing to their participation in Cycling UK events
and rides. The only exemption is where a young person having reached the age of 16 can prove they no longer live
with their parents or guardians but are living as an independent adult. This needs to be proven by the supply of
evidence such as a rent book with their name and address on or a National Student Union Membership card.
The rent book is given as an example of suitable evidence. You are free to accept other proof, just remember that if something should go awry you may have to explain your decision.

Re: Parental Consent Form - updated?

Posted: 25 Feb 2024, 10:12am
by Philip Benstead
Given the average age of CTC/CUK members, does any group have unaccompanied
under 18 years old on their rides/events?