travel insurance that covers bicycles

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travel insurance that covers bicycles

Post by duncster »

nearly all mainstream travel insurance policies exclude damage or theft of bicycles.

could anyone recommend a good insurer for bicycle touring in Europe?
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Post by cycletourer »

Check out your home contents insurance, our touring bikes are covered for theft and damage by Llyods TSB for anywhere out of Britain as long as the period doesn't exceed 3 months.

Most travel insurance companies don't include bikes in their travel packages, so if you get injured or go sick they will repatriate you and your luggage but not your bike!

Have a look at the CTC travel insurance a bit more expensive, but they will repatriate your bike!
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Post by Jac »

The one we had was 'Fortis'.
It did cover repatriation of us and bikes ( in an ambulance with a paramedic as it turned out) - but make sure you tell them that you are travelling on bikes - and any other 'activity' you plan - when taking out the policy.
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