Propstand recommendation wanted

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Propstand recommendation wanted

Postby GeoffL » 20 Apr 2007, 9:49am

I've had two "Savage Bigfoot" propstands break on me in exactly the same way as the review for SJS's budget propstand. My LBS has been really good about this and offered a refund since he can only offer this particular model of stand. We've accepted that these aren't up to supporting my (heavy) bike, especially with a trailer attached.

Because of the trailer requirement, I can't use a stand that attaches to the stays near the drop-out. Whatever I use has to support my bike when loaded with panniers and with up to 50kg gross of trailer attached.

Any recommendations?



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Postby thirdcrank » 20 Apr 2007, 10:29am


My Cannondale shopper came with a Pletcher (may have an 's' in) single-leg stand of the type that fits under the chainstay bridge. It would not balance with panniers full of shopping so I replaced it with a double-leg motorbike-type stand of the same make from the old CTC shop. It has been in almost daily use for 7 or 8 years and is still in very good condition. The bike still occasionally falls over, especially if it is windy or if there is a lot of heavy shopping.

For a couple of years I used to use a Yak BOB trailer. I could never get the stand to prop it all up. The maker's instructions do suggest that the trailer can be used to keep a bike upright by parking it at right angles but I was too stupid ever to achieve this. (Somebody else, possibly MickF has managed it.)

IMO stands are excellent for shopping, where the ground is usually hard and level (paved) and there is little but shop windows to lean against but on a tour, where things will be different, I doubt if it is worth lugging the extra weight about.

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Mick F
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Postby Mick F » 20 Apr 2007, 11:10am

No, sorry. Never tried. I always lean my bike against a solid structure, normally by the saddle. Panniers would make it easier, I would think.

I had a propstand on my old Raleigh Esquire more than 20 odd years ago, but a strong wind would topple it.
Mick F. Cornwall

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Postby GeoffL » 20 Apr 2007, 12:05pm

Hi T/C, Mick,

I'd found the Pletscher twin-leg stand on SJS, but they have this dire warning:
Voids Thorn frame warranty, may crush thin walled chainstays if the bike is heavily loaded or leaned on.
So I decided to file that one under "perhaps not"! I suspect that the single-leg Pletscher won't do the job because it clamps to the chainstay and seatstay around the rear dropout and would probably foul my trailer hitch.

To be honest, my bike's so heavy that a stand is unlikely to add significant weight and for me the convenience outweighs the weight penalty. However, on a decent bike things might be different :wink:

FWIW, I can usually turn the bike around while still hitched and lean it against the left side of the trailer, chocking the rear wheel of the bike or using a velcro strap to hold on the rear brake lever if needed. However, it's a PITA "folding" the combination this way when I stop and "unfolding" it when it's time to continue...

...That said, parking this way and running a cable lock through the bike frame and trailer chassis seems a reasonable anti-theft deterrent - particularly if I replace the hitch lynchpin with a padlock and ensnare a sheffield stand or lamppost as well.



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Pletscher Stands

Postby olik » 22 Jul 2007, 1:09pm

I can confirm that these Pletscher twin stands DO crush your chainstays!

Beware. Beware. I have a very nice 1970s Viscount (without the death forks!!) and I took the stand off a couple of days ago to give the bike a good clean, only to discover dents in the chainstays.......

This machine has a light alloy frame and is very delicate.

The damage may not be terminal, but I was not aware of the possibility of any possible harm. Now I read this thread!!!!

Be very careful....

In my case I allowed a 14 year old to sit on the bike while it was on the stand.

The stand will NOT be replaced.

I wish I had read this thread previous to installing the stand.

Live and lean?

Thanks, Olik.

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Postby CJ » 23 Jul 2007, 2:37pm

A stand is extremely useful when towing a trailer (since that makes it more awkward to manouever close to a wall etc.), but should ideally support the bike at the point where the trailer nose-weight bears down. Weber have the answer in their combined trailer hitch and propstand, which can be retro-fitted to most designs of trailer. Well worth it in my opinion, and the band-type clamp does not indent the chainstay or seatstay. And a rear stand provides much better support for rear pannier loads than the more common bottom-bracket location, without the weight of a twin-leg affair.
Chris Juden
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Postby Woody » 24 Jul 2007, 8:44am

I have a atand that attaches to the rear stay and I also have a hitch for a carry freedom trailer. It all works well but I slid a bit of rubber over the stand to stop it rattling on the trailer hitch when folded up.

I've had the stand on my bike for about 10 years and its really saved the frame from scratches. When fully laden I turn the front wheel to the right which helps stability considerably.

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Postby Woody » 24 Jul 2007, 8:56am

Can the combined Weber Propstand and trailer hitch work with the square section tow bar of the carry freedom?

I like the idea of the hitch being a little lower as my bike is a 700c frame and the trailer is the 16" wheel version, also it doesn't interfere with wheel removal.


Postby sirpecangum » 22 Mar 2008, 3:12pm

Hi, I just registered to contribute to this thread...

I currently use a propstand that fits to the rear wheel mount, held on by the axle nut/quick release. I decided on this stand after, like the thread originator, I had a 'Bigfoot' stand break. It doesn't interfere with a trailer hitch - axle or frame mounted. I have seen stands like the Weber stand linked to above but I am concerned, as is the case with the double leg stand also previously mentioned, that the bicycle is supported at a point/s where it was not intended to be supported. The same is true of trailers that require mounting to the frame and not the rear axle. In Copenhagen I noticed a number of older bicycles that have double leg stands that mount to the rear axle (both sides) which seems like an ideal solution, especially when heavily loaded. I bought my current propstand on eBay and sadly the manufacturer did not stamp their name in the metal so I can't recommend it by name or find another one myself.

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Re: Pletscher Stands

Postby gaz » 22 Mar 2008, 8:28pm

olik wrote:I can confirm that these Pletscher twin stands DO crush your chainstays!

They crushed the chainstays on one of my solos (Colombus) but not my tandem (Reynolds). That said they were on the solo for considerably longer and were a poorer fit, I may have overtightened.

Made no difference in the end as the solo frame was eventually written off down a pothole.

My wife and a number of friends use the Pletscher (formerly ESGE?) single leg rear triangle mounted stand succesfully. I haven't fitted one, due to previous trailer use, but I'll think about it. Usually I can find something to lean it against.

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Postby johnb » 23 Mar 2008, 10:44am

Have a look at these I have one and they are brilliant to use.[/url]

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Postby pete75 » 23 Mar 2008, 6:59pm

Just a thought, I know little about towing a trailer, but isn't it possible to drill a hole for a locking pin through parts of the the hitch? That way you could insert the pin to lock the hitch and then the trailer would hold the bike up. You could attach the pin to part of the drawbar with a small chain so it's always ready for use. A large split pin would be ideal.

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Postby fatboy » 9 Apr 2008, 9:18am

I too am looking for a better solution to the stand on my bike. I regularily use a kiddy trailer (an Avinir/Philips/Raleigh which clamps on the left hand chain stay) and I have a budget propstand and I've lost count of how many times my bike has got knocked over when my boys are getting out of the trailer. The bike tends to get rolled forwards and the stand starts to put itself away and then the bike falls over.

What would be my best option here? Would a better pletscher single leg one help? Or would a twin leg pletscher stand work better? Or how about the Click-Stand tent pole afair? Any thoughts appreciated.
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Postby Cyclenut » 9 Apr 2008, 11:17am

sirpecangum wrote:I have seen stands like the Weber stand linked to above but I am concerned that the bicycle is supported at a point/s where it was not intended to be supported.

I've had the Weber on a Reynolds 531 tubed bike these past 15 years. No worries. The clamps are kind to tubing and attachment across the chainstay and seatstay spreads the load much better than a single point of attachment to the axle end. I'm sure you would have to something extraordinary to bend anything and I reckon the tubular alloy leg of the stand would kink at the edge of the stand, well before anything happened to the frame - even if that were also alloy.

I recommend the Weber combined coupling and stand without reservation. If I had a Carry Freedom trailer I would do whatever it takes to modify it so that it could be coupled thus.

A stand is useful anyway, but with a trailer so much more so, since thus encumbered it's far less easy to shift the bike into a position where it can be propped against something.
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Postby Wildoo » 11 Apr 2008, 12:16pm

Pletscher also produce some really nice single leg stands that are far stronger than the Savage.