Spa Cycles (Harrogate)

Please be fair and thoughtful in your opinions. No rants please.
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Re: Spa Cycles (Harrogate)

Postby pete75 » 20 Jul 2018, 9:26am

Ontherivet77 wrote:
pete75 wrote:
Ontherivet77 wrote:They're your words not mine. I suggest you read the posts and draw your own conclusions.

As I said don't beat about the bush - lacking factual veracity and untruthful are more or less the same thing. No you're the one making the claim taht some postings are lacking factual veracity so it's up to you to point out which ones. Or is your claim lacking factual veracity?

Okay, then here's my take on it and what I mean is authenticity not truthfulness.
A thread about a business should be impartial, in fairness to the business and the people who might use it.
It should work (hypothetically) like this Person A posts a positive review, which is followed up persons B & C saying they had a positive experience also. Then along comes Person D who says he had a terrible experience and the owner threatened him an inner tube etc. Things should move in that cycle to give a balanced view of the shop in question. What's happening in this thread is :
Person A responds by saying he is sorry about that but he had a good experience.
Person B claims person D is bitter and has got it in for the shop
Person C undermines the person D by saying I don't know what you are complaining about etc.

In reality this thread is full of repeated posts of persons not offering anything new from a factual experience of good service, but repeating what they have already said previously. Now, there may be no other reason than they love the shop, but what's to stop someone connected to the shop planting good reviews? Have a look at the online feedback of Arrow XL and tell me how long it takes you spot the planted feedback. So, no I am not accusing anyone of lying what I am saying is allow people to state their opinions without trying either intentionally or unintentionally to skew things back in the favour of the business concerned. To me that is just as bad as someone with an axe to grind coming on the forum for the sole purpose of slagging off a business.

The only Arrow XL I can find is some sort of delivery service. What has their feedback , planted or otherwise, to do with Spa cycles? As I said if you think some posts in this thread lack veracity please point out which ones. Referring to comments on the website of a completely different company proves nothing.

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Re: Spa Cycles (Harrogate)

Postby niggle » 20 Jul 2018, 12:47pm

Well on the one hand I have had some great products from them at very reasonable prices, especially cranksets and chainsets, but OTOH I have had two incidents of them getting an order slightly wrong and one incident of them delaying sending an order without telling me a thing, when an item was actually out of stock despite being 'in stock' on the website. However when I have had cause to ask them to rectify a mistake they have always done so promptly and courteously. I continue to use them when what they are offering is unique or the best price, but knowing that they are prone to the odd hiccup I make sure I don't rely on them getting something to me in less than two weeks. There are other good on line shops for many things they offer, e.g. SJS, Cyclebasket, Practical Cycles, Taylor Wheels, Rose Bikes, Paul Hewitt Cycles, etc., but certain things such as the chainsets, Spa brand leather saddles and their own bikes and frames are pretty much in the unique category.

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Re: Spa Cycles (Harrogate)

Postby loz123 » 21 Jul 2018, 12:08am

Ordered a silver hub from this this week, was sent a black one. Not the end of the world, great price though

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Re: Spa Cycles (Harrogate)

Postby steady eddy » 25 Jul 2018, 10:20am

Just got some Ergon grips for my wife's bike from them, almost by return of post. They and SJS are surely the "go to" retailers for touring cyclists. I have always had excellent service from both.

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Re: Spa Cycles (Harrogate)

Postby wearwell » 30 Jul 2018, 7:59pm

Very boring this thread.
Spa shouldn't be getting any special credit for just providing a normal service i.e. delivering goods ordered in a reasonable time - just like every other half successful mail order business!!

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Re: Spa Cycles (Harrogate)

Postby wearwell » 30 Jul 2018, 8:05pm

niggle wrote:...certain things such as the chainsets, Spa brand leather saddles and their own bikes and frames are pretty much in the unique category.
I got their cheap triple chainset. It's OK except it doesn't pick up too well from middle ring to high. A bit clunky.
Nothing unique about their frames.
Spa's biggest strength is the website. Simple functional design implies simple functional bike shop - good marketing whether or not true! Web designers over-design more often than not. Keeping it simple seems to take a special skill.

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Re: Spa Cycles (Harrogate)

Postby Bowedw » 1 Aug 2018, 7:30pm

Another 24 hour hour delivery from Spa Cycles of tyres, tubes and stainless chainring bolts. Excellent products and service, worthy of a mention in my opinion.
I do shop around and recently bought 3 scram cassettes from Cycle Republic as much cheaper than anyone.
The first delivery was of a well packed item,the other 2 deliveries consisted of the cassettes all loose rattling around in a plastic bag. Would I order anything less robust from then? I think not.