The Downs Link - Christ's Hospital update

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The Downs Link - Christ's Hospital update

Postby Graham » 7 Sep 2007, 6:20pm

A Public Enquiry has recently recommended that a public right of way ( footpath & bridleway ) be re-established between Baystone Bridge and (just short of) Christ's Hospital railway station.

Some legal process will be completed, around mid-October 2007, determining whether this will actually happen. If it does happen then this right-of-way will, initially, be a DEAD END near Christ's Hospital Station. West Sussex County Council will proceed negotiations with an adjacent landowner to provide continuity of the right-of-way.

Fingers crossed then . . . . it appears that this rather good facility will become whole at some time in the future.

The Downs Link is a long-distance bridleway, running from a couple of miles outside Guildford, (nearly) all the way down to the sea, near Shoreham.

For most of the distance it occupies the trackbed of an abandoned railway.

Near Christ's Hospital there is a break in the bridleway, of about 2kms, where it is necessary to use the road.
At this break the trackbed had been sold off to a private landowner many years ago. The landowner has resisted the re-establishment of the right-of-way.

Planning Inspectorate - Order Document (pdf)


Postby Calandra » 11 Sep 2007, 9:49am

Thanks for this news.

It's this sort of thing that has made me decide to actually become a member of the forum and not just a lurker ... you see I am not a cyclist. Or at least not in any way that counts.

I am a horserider who has no interest in going round and round in circles or leaping over painted poles or yelling tally-ho, but who instead loves to use the horse ( or in my case, the hairy native pony ) as the ultimate in non-polluting, eternally-sustainable, biodegradable, green-powered ATVs.

In spring 2008 will be setting off on a mega-tour of Britain and then on to Europe in late summer 2008 or early 2009 (depending on how things work out, retirement and income-wise), riding one pony and carrying my camping stuff on the other.

I'll certainly say "HI!" to all and any cyclists I meet on the way, we always work well together out on the hills I find - we're convenient gate openers and closers for each other owing to the different ways we travel up and down hill!

Bridleways and other multi-use routes are my passion so thanks once again for this piece of information which I've not seen on any of the multiple horse forums I go on - most of which (not all!) are about as much use as a piece of wet cardboard would be for a waterbucket when it comes to bridleways news and updates.
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Postby Graham » 21 Sep 2007, 11:44pm

Hi Calandra,

Sorry, I somehow missed this your reply until now.
I'm happy that you found this news of interest.

Your expeditions to come sound pretty impressive.
Pop back here some time and let me know how you are getting along.
I don't know if others are/will be interested . . . . . you could always PM or email.